FUGE 馥閣設計

台湾 台北

看不見的設計,看得見的情感,All About Story。

設計的初衷,是讓每個人每天都接觸自己喜歡的空間,喜歡自己在生活中的樣貌,純淨無壓並擁有屬於自己的生活品味。堅信好的設計應該要隱形於空間中,讓使用者自然地感受,體驗無形的設計能量。 Ling-Fang Seren Huang, with her immense creativity, is someone who firmly believes the purpose of design is to help user discover a sense of personal identity and repurpose such into their home life. A good interior design for her is one that elects to stay in the background, yet subtly exudes its unique energy to the inhabitants.