Peeking Windows for Century Tower

Bean Buro受委托设计这间2,040平方英尺(190平方米)的公寓,位于半山的Century Tower 1,为3个年轻的家庭提供两个玩具贵宾犬。该项目的挑战和优势在于结构外壳的形状,因为建筑物是完全圆形的。布局经过精心设计,采用了塔楼的形状,利用其最佳的玻璃幕墙,在公寓的每个关键空间打开了美景。
Bean Buro was commissioned to design this 2,040 sqft (190 sqm) apartment located at Century Tower 1 in Mid-levels for a young family of 3 with two toy poodles. The challenge and advantage for this project lies in the shape of the structural shell as the building is completely circular. The layout was tailored to embrace the shape of the tower, utilizing to its best the glass façade to open up views in every key spaces of the apartment.
The plan opens up like a paper fan on which each space is carefully drawn, radiating towards the exterior allowing plenty of natural daylight in. A long curved corridor serves as a connecting point to each room. A second layer of circulation is introduced at the window side of the layout, allowing the spaces to flow and increase light penetration. A balcony serves as a space for enjoying fresh air while having breakfast or taking a break in a comfortable natural setting, surrounded by greenery. In addition to a spacious living and dining area, the program for this project included a master bedroom for the young couple, a study and a bedroom for their young son.

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